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We throw oneself into the customer creed based on the concept "we want to be a integral existence in the society" and maximize the individual capacity and consult on anything in a cordial manner mobilizing all available resources in order to provide quality and technology that customers feel secure and satisfy themselves.
  1. Best of intentions
  2. Technical development
  3. Mobilizing all available resources
We decide the quality policy based on the basic philosophy as shown below.
  1. Improvement of quality
  2. Strict observance of delivery date
  3. Reduction of initial cost
  4. Development of technology
  5. Streamlining of operations
In order to accomplish this quality policy, we authenticate following items.
  1. We verify whether the quality management functions effectively and the customer satisfaction can be obtained.
  2. We decide the quality target for realizing the quality policy and indicate the implementation for accomplish it and check the implementation with the progress report.
We recognize the importance of global environmental protection strongly based on the idea "we want to be a integral existence in the society" and consult on it for promoting better environment-friendly business activities.
Basic policy
We decide the environment line based on the basic philosophy as shown below.
  1. Fulfilling the responsibility of company
    We construct and maintain the environment management system and continuously improve it in addition to observing the environment-related regulations and other requirements our company arrives at agreement.

  2. Reduction of environmental load
    We consult on the recycling through business activities and promote the resource conservation.

  3. Education of employees
    We spread this environment line among employees through the environmental education etc. and raise their awareness so that they can actively consult on the environment conservation.

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