QHow can I request the plating?
AFirst, we will check the details on the product, so please send the drawing to us (FAX etc.). If you do not have a drawing, please send the hand-painted picture so that the shape and dimensions can be seen.
QCan you chromeplate the casting?
AYes, we can. Concerning the materials, casting, stainless, aluminum and brass are available in addition to iron.
QCan you make the chrome plating thicker?
AOur company is good at the thick plating. We are processing a few hundred of hard chrome or copper plating in the normal operation, so please contact us.
QCan you plate the heavy load?
AYes, we can. We have a crane and other equipment for processing long heavy loads in addition to small objects. We can process up to 15mx10t of object depending on the line.
QCan I order the plating for only one product?
AOf course. Our company is accepting a lot of orders such as motorbike and automobile parts from individual person.
QYou are demanding dimensions and surface roughness after the plating. Can you process it?
AOur company has the equipment for machine processing in addition to the plating equipment, so we can respond to approximately 1/1000mm of accuracy for the cylinder polishing if the product is roll-shaped. For the SF (super finishing), the mirror finish is available and we can process up to 0.1S of surface roughness.
QCan I request the machining process (polishing etc.) only?
AOur company is happy to accept the order of polishing process in addition to the plating.
QThe RoHS compliance is specified for electroless nickel and chromate treatment, is it available?
AOur company can respond to the existing hexavalent chrome, however, also respond to RoHS-compliant trivalent chrome. Please specify "RoHS compliance" when you make a request.
QCan you chrome plate 7m of product??
AWe cannot plate 7m of product at once. However, we can plate it in twice. In this case, a line of first plating and second plating may appear.
QCan you carry out the inner diameter polishing for 4m of inner diameter?
AWe can accept the order of inner diameter polishing. Up to 800mm of inner diameter is available for our company's equipment.
QCan you carry out the black chromate treatment for approximately 80Kg of product?
AWe have no crane equipment for the black chromate treatment because a lot of orders of black chromate treatment are for small products, so we can process up to 50kg of product.
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