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January 1948: Business was started in Yukigaya, Ootaku, Tokyo 設立当初の写真
  Focused on the hard chrome plating in addition to plastic, glass and metallic squeezing die, weld overlay reproduction of worn part etc.
January 1955: A partnership corporation was established
  A partnership corporation was established based on the assurance and accomplishment of plating technique and the current technical basis was established.
June 1961: Yokohama factory was newly established, moved
  The demand of hard copper plating and general plating increased remarkably and Yokohama factory was newly established in order to enable the processing of large and heavy load.
July 1966: The company changed to joint-stock corporation 設立者 大山剛敬之像
  The reliability from clients was improved according to the development of industrial world, so the inside of company was enriched and changed to joint-stock corporation expansively.
October 1969: Yokohama factory was expanded
  The factory was expanded aiming at the increase of production, especially the processing equipment of large equipment parts etc. The equipment that enabled the processing of large, long and heavy objects, which could not be generally processed was enriched.
July 1988: Tsukuba factory was newly established
  Tsukuba factory was newly established according to the increase of award volume and clients.
January 1991: Company name was changed
  In order to expand the business, the old company name Toyo Plating Industries Co., Ltd. was changed to Toyo Co., Ltd.
July 1993: Tsukuba factory was delinked
  Tsukuba factory was delinked as Toyo Company. according to the further increase of clients.
May 2004: Second factory and business office were newly established
  The second factory and the business office were newly established in order to respond to the increase of volume of production and the new introduction of machine.
October 2004: ISO certification was acquired
  We acquired ISO9001:2000 certification in order to strengthen the quality guarantee system.
March 2006: Plating equipment of sixth factory was improved
  Cu-Ni-Hcr line was improved according to the expansion of order entry of larger, heavier and longer objects.
November 2007: First factory was rebuilt
  The machine and equipment were enriched and the laboratory was improved in order to meet the needs of customers.
April 2008: Effluent treatment facility was renewed
  The effluent treatment facility was renewed for the safety measures for environment.

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