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We have sought the ideal and the systematization of plating surely checking the simple matter foot by foot sticking to the basics based on the idea "we want to be a integral existence in the society".

We newly established the second factory in May 2004 in order to aim at the new field, surface finishing.
We also acquired ISO9001:2000 in October 2004 in order to strengthen the quality guarantee system and reassure customers as much as possible.
In recent years, we started the development of database for managing the data of receipt of goods, processing, inspection and shipment in real time carrying out the quick and proper process management and quality management in order to establish the production system for meeting various needs of customers such as shortening of delivery date.
We want to strengthen the constitution and provide new values in order to organize a strong organization that can respond to the change of needs flexibly.

We will listen to customer's voices seriously and all employees will step up efforts for constant challenge, jump and continuance for the manufacturing based on Toyo's original technologies.
We look forward to your continued business in the future.

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