Toyo provides various plating processing services in high quality.
銅めっきChrome plating
We focused on the appearance and the superiority of chrome plating for industrial use instantaneously
and have innovated the hard chrome plating in the operations since the institution's formation.
銅めっきCopper plating
Toyo's copper plating contributes to a lot of industry fields using the physicality proper to copper including the conductivity.
ニッケルめっきNickel plating
This plating is superior in adhesion and corrosion resistance and it is the basis of decorative chrome plating.
各種無電解めっきVarious types of nonelectrolytic plating
This plating is superior in the uniformity of film thickness and it can support the plating of complex figure.
金めっきGold plating
This plating has been utilized for Buddha statues and Buddhist altar fittings etc. since ancient times and currently,
it is widely used as a technique necessary for accessories, fluorescent light fittings, watches and table wares etc.
銀めっきSilver plating
This plating has been utilized since ancient times in the same way as gold plating and currently,
it is also widely used for table wares, trophy and instruments etc.The microorganism and the bacteria in moisture is sterilized and it is extremely good for health.
錫めっきTin plating
This plating is mainly used for electronic components such as printed circuit board.
It is superior in corrosion resistance and soldering.
各種筆めっきVarious types of brush plating
The building-up and repair of heavy, thick, long and large objects are supported by going on a business trip.
亜鉛めっきZinc plating
This is the plating for preventing the rust of iron steel.
亜鉛めっきPlating on nonmetal
We can also accept the order of plating on nonmetal such as plastic and leather.
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