Toyo provides various processing services in high quality.
肉盛補修Build-up repair
Processing aiming at dimension correction and repair
溶射Thermal spraying
With this processing, the metal is melted into fine grain and sprayed to the material with the compressed air
to create a membrane and the surface is metalized.
熱処理Heat treatment
This treatment is used for thehydrogen brittleness (baking) after chrome plating or nonelectrolytic plating.
梨地加工Pearskin finish processing
With this processing, the fine-grain grinding material is sprayed to the surface of material at high speed to remove the rust or taint on the surface of material with the shock and "roughen up" the surface of material to improve the adhesion and adherence property of membrane as a preprocessing of metallic surface processing such as plating and thermal spray.
スポット補修Spot welding
This is the processing aiming at the repair of rolls and parts with dent or corrosion including the plating.
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